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Car Maintenance

Ensure the proper lubrication and regular maintenance of your car using spare parts specified by the manufacturer and the technical team at TOPMODS.

Gearbox Repairs

The experienced TOPMODS team is able to solve any problem you are experiencing with your gearbox. Manual or automatic transmission / DSG.

Valve Cleaning

One of the most popular services of TOPMODS is valve cleaning. Recommended for all TSI/ TFSI engines with 80.000km.

Ecu & Tcu Upgrades

The leading tuning companies exclusively at TOPMODS.
APR- Unitronic – Ecotune

ECU Upgrades

1st, 2nd and 3rd stage brain reprogramming with the leading enhancement houses APR, Unitronic and Ecotune.

TCU Upgrades

Improve the performance of the automatic transmission in TOPMODS. We offer stage 1,2 and 3 TCU stage tunes that will transform your gearbox.


Did you know that you can intervene in the way haldex distributes traffic to the wheels of your car? Contact us for more.

Vinyl Wrap, PPF and Solar films

Find vinyl wrap films, paint protection and sunscreen films for cars or buildings.

Vinyl Wrap Films

The easiest way to change the look of your car. For small details to full coverage, contact TOPMODS.

PPF Films

See your car looking as good as new forever with the protection film, XPEL Ultimate Plus and Xpel Stealth and OpticShield Nano. For total or partial coverage.

Sunscreen Films

Are you aware that you have the capability to adjust the manner in which the Haldex system allocates power to the wheels of your vehicle? Contact us for more.

We represent the leading companies in the field in Greece.

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