Maintenance work

A well-maintained car not only lives longer, but also ensures the safety of the driver and passengers. Of course, it keeps its performance high and leaves the driving experience unaffected.

So don’t neglect the preventive check and maintenance of your own car. Keep giving it the care it deserves and you can be sure it will reward you! Through regular, necessary maintenance, the longevity of the engine and all other parts is achieved, avoiding unnecessary, costly and time-consuming visits to garages.

Depending on the length of time, the mileage your car has travelled, and the frequency set by the manufacturer, choose between a minor service that includes oil maintenance and a major service that includes oil, filters, spark plugs, pads and anything else that needs to be serviced.

For maintenance work, we always use first quality spare parts and follow the standards set by the manufacturer.

After immediate maintenance by our fully qualified mechanics, you’re ready to enjoy your car to the full, free from potential malfunctions that affect its performance.
Our goal is to deliver an excellent result with long lasting results.

Maintenance work depending on the kilometres includes:

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At TOPMODS, our service offerings encompass a wide range of comprehensive features that embody the essential characteristics sought in an automotive facility dedicated to providing meticulous care for your vehicle.

At TOPMODS, we adhere to the fundamental principle of conducting a comprehensive diagnostic assessment before commencing any automotive service or repair procedure. How often have we encountered instances where unnecessary part replacements are pursued to resolve an issue, ultimately resulting in detriment to the customer?