Car Detailing - Ceramic Car Protection with Xpel Fusion Plus

What is Detailing?

The art of detailing a car to make it look like new. It all starts with a very good wash. We perfectly clean even the most demanding part of it, always using high quality cleaning products.

Our  detailers remove every stain, dust and speck that exists, always paying special attention to detail. This is followed by a good drying with special cloths that leaves all the surfaces of the car spotless and ready for polishing. How is the polishing done? With our high quality polishing ointment applied with modern tools and special techniques. It eliminates wear and scratches caused over time and brings out the clean beauty of the car.

And once the polishing is done, it’s time for the high-quality ceramic liquid that really works wonders. XPEL ‘s Ceramic Car Protection  , XPEL FUSION PLUS  is the key to a totally renewed and protected look. Not only does it lock in shine to ensure deep and rich colour, but it also acts as a shield against external “threats”.

It protects its colour and finish from exhaust fumes, bird droppings, acid rain and other factors that can damage it. Are you prepared for an outcome that dazzles and endures, leaving a lasting impression? Our trained staff is at your disposal to give your car the shine and care it deserves!

Get Hydrophobic Protection with Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating

From the industry leaders in self-healing paint protection films comes FUSION PLUSTM, a ceramic coating you can rely on. Specially formulated to perform alongside PPF (paint protection film) & painted surfaces, FUSION PLUSTM Ceramic Coating offers unrivalled shine, superior hydrophobic protection, and improved scratch resistance in a single application.

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Ceramic Coating For Paint & PPF

With just one application, FUSION PLUS for Paint & PPF increases the colour depth, while its hydrophobic properties make cleaning even easier.

Ceramic Coating For Wheels & Brakes

Cleaning the wheels & brakes just got a lot easier! FUSION PLUSTM offers thermal and chemical resistance to help reduce surface contamination and prevent dirt from sticking.

Ceramic Coating For Fireplaces

Ensure good visibility of the road. FUSION PLUSTM helps keep glass surfaces & windows cleaner while protecting against stains or chemical etching.

Ceramic Coating For Wallpapers

Keep the inside of your car cleaner from day one. FUSION PLUSTM offers stain resistance, helping to preserve the factory appearance and your original lining.

Ceramic Coating Plastic & Ceramic Coating Trim

It doesn’t just work with dyes & PPF – FUSION PLUSTM helps the plastic pieces to prevent fading and UV damage.

Marine Ceramic Coating

Get ready for the open sea. FUSION PLUSTM protects you from harsh marine conditions and factors such as heat, abrasion, and solvents.


for ceramic protection

In TOPMODS we have refined several Projects with XPEL FUSION PLUS and we know exactly all the steps required for its correct application.

In our specially designed area, we apply the ceramic protection of XPEL, this gives us the ability to work on the car away from the workshop area and without opening the doors. In practice, this means that we complete the project without unwanted dust that might be left on the ceramic.