Fault diagnosis

Are you aware that your car is malfunctioning? One stop at our modern facilities is enough to identify the cause.

Diagnosis is the most important task in the car, especially when it comes to making changes and improvements.

At TOPMODS, we possess the skilled personnel, specialized expertise, and advanced diagnostic equipment necessary to ensure precise diagnosis and guaranteed repair of your vehicle. Our team of specialized engineers, each with over 14 years of experience, utilizes state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to swiftly and accurately pinpoint the underlying cause of any issue. This is achieved through the integration of an electronic onboard diagnostic system (EOBD). After identifying the component requiring repair or replacement, our engineers adhere strictly to the official specifications and standards mandated by each manufacturer, ensuring precise resolution of the issue.

We prioritize maximum safety to guarantee continued enjoyment of driving in comfort and with peace of mind. Do not allow any factors to compromise your vehicle’s performance or jeopardize your safety, regardless of perceived insignificance.

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Why Choose TOPMODS

The reasons we are proud of at TOPMODS

At TOPMODS, we offer a comprehensive array of services, embodying the essential features sought in an ideal automotive facility dedicated to the meticulous care of your vehicle.

At TOPMODS, our fundamental principle is to conduct a thorough diagnosis prior to initiating any automotive service or repair. How often have we encountered instances where unnecessary part replacements are pursued to resolve an issue, ultimately resulting in detriment to the customer?