Color change films - Car Wrapping

What is Car Wrapping?

Car wrapping is the process of covering the exterior or interior surfaces of a vehicle with a special vinyl material. This vinyl material can be supplied in a variety of colours, finishes and patterns and can be used to change the appearance of a vehicle or to protect the original paintwork from damage. Vinyl material is durable, removable and customizable, making car color change a popular choice for vehicle personalization or advertising.

When We Choose to Wrap

Is it time for a refresh in your car? Changing the colour is the ideal choice to give it a new style that will make it stand out.

At TOPMODS we give a renewed look to your car with the widely known technique of Car Wrapping. We dress your car in a new colour, giving it your personal touch in an impressive way.

Without interfering with the factory form, we apply self-adhesive vinyl films in the colour you like and in the places you want.

You can choose either the full outfit or the partial outfit in places like the sky, mirrors, hood, etc. We always pay great attention to detail to ensure that every part of the car is covered perfectly and the overall result is flawless.

In addition, with this technique, the original color of your car not only remains unaffected, but is also protected since the film acts as a shield against external conditions.

So whenever you want to remove it, your car will be exactly as it was before.

Advantages of Car Wrapping

Why to choose TOPMODS for Car Wrapping

TOPMODS is the official importer and distributor of TeckWrap vinyl films. With countless color options, you can be sure that no matter how demanding the project is, we will have a 100% custom solution for you.

Why Choose TOPMODS

for car wrapping

At TOPMODS you can have your car in the colour you imagined.

In our dedicated facility, we apply sun protection films, allowing us to conduct vehicle work separate from the main workshop area. This allows us to complete the project without any unwanted dust that might be left under your vinyl film.