Dechrome your car's surfaces

Dechroming service allows you to finally get the look of the black glossy package that looked unattainable in the Configurator of Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW etc.

Very often in TOPMODS we see owners upgrading various parts of their car, such as wheels, grilles, but without following the coloring of these details of the car, such as nickel trim etc.

TOPMODS’ Dechrome Car service, which is completed in a few hours, comes to solve exactly this <<Problem>> the appearance of your car. With TOP vinyl films, the result is nothing to envy  the look of a car that comes from the factory with black glossy trim.

Inside & Outside

Our Dechroming Service does not stop there. If, in addition to the gloss black exterior package, during the configuration of your car in the configurator, the Piano Black interior or the Brushed Aluminium or even the Carbon Look clicked, you can have it.

The TOPMODS team applies the film you want to the interior of your car, achieving the look you always wanted.

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for Dechrome Automotive?

Porsche Cayenne S_-9Porsche Cayenne S_-12

At TOPMODS you can cover all nickel surfaces with black glossy film to achieve the look you always wanted.

At TOPMODS The nickel surfaces of your car are not covered with inferior or cheaper film in order to reduce the cost for our company. We use Teckwrap’s Super Gloss Black vinyl films. Without sucrifising the quality of our services we use the same quality wrap vinlyl films that we would use for a total coverage of you car.

As a result: