Manual or automatic transmission repair

One component of the vehicle subjected to significant stress is the chassis and the gearbox. As a result, these components are prone to accelerated wear, particularly under conditions of heightened driving intensity.

Thus, due to wear, the power of the engine is not fully transferred to the gearbox and the transmission does not work properly.

If your car is facing something similar, do not hesitate to contact our workshop. Our team of highly experienced technicians conducts a meticulous inspection of the gearbox and its individual components. Following careful analysis of any damage, we utilize specialized equipment to repair the clutch disc in manual gearboxes, and respectively, the multi-disc and mechatronic components in automatic gearboxes.

It is very important that your car’s gearbox is in excellent condition to ensure maximum performance and safety.

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At TOPMODS, our service offerings encompass a wide range of comprehensive features that embody the essential characteristics sought in an automotive facility dedicated to providing meticulous care for your vehicle.

At TOPMODS, we adhere to the fundamental principle of conducting a comprehensive diagnostic assessment before commencing any automotive service or repair procedure. How often have we encountered instances where unnecessary part replacements are pursued to resolve an issue, ultimately resulting in detriment to the customer?