Valve Cleaning

While you enjoy your car, the engine fumes return to the air intake. As they enter the valve chamber, the various debris adhere to the valves and the walls of the flutes, causing them to build up, reducing the air passages and causing turbulence. These in turn result in poor engine operation and reduced performance.

At TOPMODS we follow a complete process of cleaning valves and grooves, which is neither costly nor time consuming. It includes a very good cleaning of the flaps, changing the consumables we come across, such as the manifold gasket, the butterfly gasket, the injector sealing kit (Teflon, o-ring, washers), while at the same time, we clean the injectors in the ultrasonic machine we have in our facilities.

With this important maintenance that all drivers should take into account, we ensure that your engine is running smoothly, your car is well maintained and, as a result, your car’s performance is undiminished.

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At TOPMODS, our service offerings encompass a wide range of comprehensive features that embody the essential characteristics sought in an automotive facility dedicated to providing meticulous care for your vehicle.

At TOPMODS, we adhere to the fundamental principle of conducting a comprehensive diagnostic assessment before commencing any automotive service or repair procedure. How often have we encountered instances where unnecessary part replacements are pursued to resolve an issue, ultimately resulting in detriment to the customer?