Installation of Sunscreen Films

When sun protection is paramount, XPEL PRIME Sunscreen Film emerges as the ideal choice.

Similar to XPEL PRIME XR, XPEL PRIME HP Sunscreen Film blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, ensuring stable coloration and glare reduction for a lifetime!

The XPEL PRIME HP sunscreen film will never fade, show no cracking or crazing, never peel, nor will it change color to the usual purple tint that other lower protection sunscreen films often show. The neutral charcoal finish of the XPEL PRIME HP film gives a beautiful image and good aesthetics to any car, and like the XPEL PRIME XR film, it provides a lifetime warranty!

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Why Choose TOPMODS

for sunscreen films

At TOPMODS you can have your car in the colour you imagined.

n our dedicated facility, we apply sun protection films, allowing us to conduct vehicle work separate from the main workshop area . This ensures that we install XPEL’s films without any undesirable dust particles that could potentially become trapped underneath your film.

We work with the leading Sun Protect Film companies